Differentiated Lesson Plan

| March 9, 2014

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This assignment will require you to develop 3 page lesson plan that follows the format given in attached instruction but that takes into consideration different learning styles within the students, different teaching styles, different working formats for the students, different forms of assessment, and different types of materials and resources. Structure your lesson plan according to the subheadings provided in the materials attached: topic, rationale, objectives, procedure, materials and evaluations.
As you develop your lesson plan for your targeted grade level and topic, you need to ask yourself these following questions beforehand:
1. How can you ensure that you present the content of your lesson in different formats so that a variety of students can understand its meaning?
2. Did you present the information in a variety of ways through written notes, visual drawings, acting it out, actually creating it, etc.?
3. How can you make sure that students present their final understanding of the content in a variety of ways? Can they sing it, draw it, write it, make it, etc.?
4. How can you include a variety of texts, media and materials within your lesson?
5. What different books can you use? Are the books for both boys and girls? Do the choice of books target a variety of student groups and their characteristics?
6. Can you use films, music and videos in your lesson?
7. What other types of technology can you integrate?
8. Can you integrate other content areas such as language arts, science, math, social studies, the arts, etc?
9. Do students have a degree of choice within the lesson plan?
10. Are there a variety of assessments for the students based upon individual learning needs, levels of readiness, motivations and interests, family characteristics, etc?
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