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| March 10, 2014

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Analysing your diet
• To further develop computing and IT skills
• Understand and perform a 24 hour dietary analysis
• Assess the nutrient value of your diet in comparison the Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI)
• Further develop report writing skills (this report will be submitted as coursework)
Using Diet plan 6 and the instructions provided analyse a typical 24 hours food intake.
How much energy (kcal) does your diet provide? What percentage of the kcal comes from protein, fat, carbohydrate and alcohol. Find the amount in grams/mg that the following nutrients contribute to your diet: energy carbohydrate, fat, protein, alcohol, vitamin C and calcium? Compare your results to the RNI.
Writing up the report
The report should be written using the following guidelines:
Describe the reason for doing a dietary analysis and why it is important to get a balance of nutrients in the diet.
In this instance simply state “See handout”
Draw up your own tables showing your intake compared to the RNI of the following nutrients:
Energy (kcal), carbohydrate (g), protein (g), fat (g), alcohol (g), calcium (mg), vitamin C (mg).
Also show how much each of the macronutrients contribute to your energy intake (%)
Give your tables titles and write some explanatory text describing what they show.
Do not put your Diet plan 6 printout here
Explain what your results show and what they mean. How do your results compare to the RNI? How can you improve your diet?
Brief paragraph summarising your findings
List the references you have used, in alphabetical order
You can put your Diet plan 6 print out here
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