Did the creation of nuclear weapons create greater peace or pave the way for greater and more destructive wars?

| April 6, 2014

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Please it is a literature review!
(1) Critical Literature Review
Literature reviews are to be 1,000 words in length, and review 8-10 key sources related to your research essay. Work submitted after this date will be subject to the late penalties, as outlined in NOTE 1 of section 5a above. Students must keep a copy of all work submitted.
A critical literature review is a critical assessment of the relevant literature, showing how prevailing ideas fit into the argument/thesis or your research essay, and how that argument/thesis agrees or differs from them. Please keep in mind that a literature review is not an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography generally deals with each text in turn, describing and evaluating the text, using one paragraph for each text. A literature review, in contrast, synthesizes many texts in one paragraph. Each paragraph of the literature review should classify and evaluate the themes of the texts that are relevant to your essay question; each paragraph or section of your review should deal with a different aspect of the literature.
Each literature review will be graded holistically by the extent to which it meets the following assessment criteria:
Extant, quality and relevance of the research
Understanding and critical evaluation of the material
Structure, clarity and coherence of written expression
Consistent use of scholarly apparatus, including referencing.
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