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Imaginary dialogue

Instructions: Construct a three way dialogue (modelled on Plato’s writings) between Plato, Gordon Graham, and a modern voter. The dialogue should focus on the key issues that are raised in Graham’s essay ��Reason and Politics’, (from The Case Against the Democratic State) in week 3 of the unit. The dialogues of Plato and Graham should reflect their central ideas and you are to imagine how they might respond to each other. The ��modern voter’ can play a role akin to one of the minor characters in Plato’s dialogues (such as Glaucon or Adeimantus in the Republic) who could be convinced either way.

The mark you receive will be based on the following criteria: demonstrated understanding of the central ideas; critical analysis; creativity; style and presentation.

Length: 900-1100 words.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
The ability to analyse and express your judgement about a range of political phenomena in oral and written form
Read and critically interpret some classic and contemporary political texts’




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