Deviant Behavior: Las Vegas Club Scene

| April 16, 2015

Deviant Behavior: Las Vegas Club Scene

In human society, certain social norms, which are abstract in nature but universally accepted, guide peoples’ lifestyles. Human behavior reaches what people say to be socially acceptable or morally upright. In the modern world, a major concern has been raised as people of diverse backgrounds have begun to exercise deviant behavior. Deviance refers to actions that contradict social norms or can be considered as unacceptable in the eyes of a certain community. Deviant behavior violates social norms and involves both criminal and non-criminal acts. Deviant behaviors are not restricted to certain regions but can be experienced in different settings, such as homes, schools, workplaces, and leisure places. Deviant behavior in nightclubs is a growing trend today. The bar setting concedes patrons a sense of permissiveness to participate in behaviors deemed as aberrant in mainstream society (Garland, Hughes and Marquart 11). In order to understand the nature of deviant behaviors currently practiced in society, I chose to focus on lifestyles of people in the city of Las Vegas.


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