Deviant Act

| April 21, 2014

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The paper will be 10-12 pages in length, and will involve doing an assignment and writing about your observations
so, deviance act: I chose to eavesdropping
paper instruction:
Intro Section
What is the larger definition of deviance as it applies to your experiment?
Why is normative behavior as it applies to your act important in our society, and how do other societies perhaps define it differently.
Why is the violation of the normative constructs such an issue/problem in our society, enough to classify the violation as “deviant.”
End this section with a hypothesis statement or research question that is guiding your experiment.
Theory/Literature Review:
This section covers previous research on your deviance, and you must pick a theory from class that you think would explain your deviant act.
You will also find two articles in research journals that address the type of deviance you are performing, summarize the author’s theoretical approach and their findings.
Of course you won’t find an article that is directly on your deviant act, but you will find articles on normative/deviant behaviors similar to your act on the CONCEPTUAL level.
I will post for you the class therory and will let you choose one of them
Methods: this part & the reaction from your imagination
This should include how you designed your experiment,
the target audience,
where you performed it, in the university& restaurant
variables you studied (race, sex, age, etc),
and how you intend to measure people’s reactions.
Analysis / Discussion:
DO NOT just “report” your results.
Describe how your act is deviant from social norms (folkways or mores) using examples from your observations.
Analyze WHY people reacted the way they did (or not if they didn’t react as expected).
You should also integrate your theory and articles from your Lit. Review into this analysis
This is the most important part of your paper, so put the effort in accordingly
The Conclusion is not just a "wrap-up" section, but ties the whole paper together.
Be sure to summarize your main results from your analysis.
Include if there was support for your hypothesis or research question.
Include anything else that you may have discovered about the deviant act or yourself from this assignment.
Citations of Journal Articles:
In the body of your paper
If paraphrasing use author and year.
Example: Studies have found that 53% of all people when faced with alternative behavior respond with an informal sanction (Fey, 2003).
If quoting use author, year and page number
Example: Fey’s research showed that “53% of all observations responded by walking away” (Fey, 2003, pg. 36)
Citations in your bibliography or reference page should be as follows:
If the source is a journal article:
Fey, R. (2003). Observed Informal Social Sanctions to Deviant Behavior. Journal of Crime and Deviance. vol. 3, Spring. pgs. 25-42.
If the source is a book:
Fey, R. (2003). Social Sanctions and Deviant Behavior. New York: Random House.
Note: its important to follow the instruction
any question ask me ASAP
do not forget you must see the PowerPoint slides that I uploaded
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