Developmental assets

| March 28, 2015

Developmental assets


You have been learning about how developmental assets can be built into your instructional models, and how to use that knowledge to support community-wide efforts to strengthen and support the adults and youth in your community, including identified classifications of Latino, African-American, and youth with disabilities.

We have identified and evaluated the existing programs in your community based on the 40 Developmental Assets model and brainstormed ways that you can use that model to create or support the existing programs within your local school and/or community.

Using reflection and analysis, you identified a specific initiative that meets an identified need in your community and has the potential to be immediately incorporated into your instructional setting or community.

Your Final Project is composed of three different categories that will be submitted as a complete unit. These categories include:

  1. Designing a multimedia presentation or slideshow created in a program of your choice (PowerPoint, Google Presentation, Prezi, etc.). The presentation will illustrate the initiative for students, parents, and/or community.
  2. Designing visual resources and handouts that illustrate your initiative and contribute to the presentation.
  3. Writing an eight- to twelve- page paper that outlines your processes and that can be used to introduce and support your initiative.

Your multimedia presentation or slideshow can be created in a format of your choice (Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Presentation, Prezi, etc.) and should last between 5 and 15 minutes when presented orally.

Your presentation should include, but not be limited to:

  • A definition of the purpose of your initiative, vision, and mission.
  • A brief overview that illustrates the 40 Developmental Assets.
  • A graphic that diagrams your community based on researched data.
  • An illustration of how your initiative will support or create a positive environment and/or enhance an existing program or practice using proven methods with and for young people.
  • A reference slide citing all sources using APA format.

Your created resources and handouts should include the final copies of the Student Handout created in Week Three, the Resource Table finalized in Week Four, and the Communication Guide created in Week Five.

Your written paper should be eight to twelve pages in length (excluding title and reference pages), and be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Your paper should include the following topics/headings:

  • Describe, through a brief narrative, your initiative, vision, and mission.
  • Summarize your community’s demographics, including those that are related specifically to the 40 Developmental Assets as outlined in your text.
  • Outline the steps that you have taken, or will take, to achieve your vision through a graphics or written narrative.
  • Summarize how you arrived at your initiative based on your community needs as outlined in the demographics. Examine your thought process for developing your mission/vision statement.
  • Examine the internal and external assets you are focused on and explain why.
  • Specify how your initiative addresses at least four of the Five Action Strategies as identified in your text.
  • Illustrate, through a short written explanation, how you evaluated the process.
  • Defend your plan for growing and sustaining your initiative

Some reference materials are below


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TEDxTalks. (2011). Peter Benson- Sparks: How youth thrive [Video file]. Retrieved from


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