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| April 29, 2014

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This assignment requires you to organize a group of films according to a category that you determine. I have stressed throughout the semester that we do not get enough time to watch different films, and this project is intended to make up for that deficiency. You must watch at least three films that are united in some way (genre, director, national cinema, studio, actor, film movement). Then, I am asking that you write at least five pages that discuss the films in a critical way. If you choose genre as an organizing principle, then you should be able to discuss what does or does not represent that particular genre. If you choose a director, you should be able to assess whether or not the auteur argument applies to the series of films you watched. Basically, you should be looking for similarities or differences that demonstrate your newly acquired skills as a film historian. Topical and superficial responses get a ā€œCā€ at best. I strongly encourage you to take risks with this assignment. I love Nolan and Tarantino, but I really prefer you explore something that you have not really engaged with yet.
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