Development of Lesson Plan

| February 15, 2014

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Part 1:Development of a lesson Plan.
Develop a week-long lesson plan for a group of preschoolers in your program using a thematic approach.Be sure to identify the group you’re targeting for lesson plan.
Use the preschool-kindergarten for this lesson plan pp.75 and 391 of your textbook Early Education Curriculum:A Child’s Connection to the World.Choose one of the following themes:
.All About Me
.My Family and Me
.Animals(You may want to pick a particular group of animals(both for teacher and Children),misic,and other learning materials.
Part 2:Development of Activity Plan.
Choose one activity from your lesson plan that you would like to do with the children.Develop an Activity Plan using the format one page 66 in your Texbook Early Childhood Curriculum:A Child Connection to the World.Once you’ve implemented the activity,be sure to answer all the questions in the”Evaluation and Follow-Up” section of your Activity Plan.
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