Development of alternative methods of care

| April 8, 2014

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Student paper topics can relate to any sphere of the health care system of interest to the student that could include aspects of a comparative analysis between the US health care system and that of another nation or a paper focused on current issues with the US system alone such as access to care, cost of care etc. Students will present a brief abstract during the course that will outline in a paragraph or so their topic and interest in the material. It is the goal in this course to allow students the maximum flexibility in determining their research direction.
Following the paper creation a brief 10-15 slide presentation will be delivered by the student in the last few weeks of the term. Student presentations will generally be about 5-10 minutes maximum and offer a general outline on the research and lessons learned in the exercise.
Student paper requirements as follows:
1. Papers will be written in 10 or 12 point font and use Times New Roman or other traditional type font.
2. Pages should be 6-8 pages in length and not to exceed 10, double spaced and shall not be inclusive of the title page nor reference page. All pages will be numbered starting at the first page of the text.
3. APA style is encouraged with specific attention on citations and referencing.
4. A minimum of 6 peer-reviewed citations are required for the paper. All non original material must be cited. Safe Assign is required for submitted papers which will check for evidence of plagiarism.
5. Electronic sourcing is encouraged, the use of databases and research library tools is suggested.
6. Students should use the writing center, Smart Thinking, Auraria Library research librarians or other resources as needed.
Below is my topic of choice:
Development of alternative methods of care. Patient care will need to evolve at a rapid pace in order maximize out-of-hospital care. This will mean that physicians, nurses, and professional service providers, such as physical therapy and pharmacy partner in delivering ambulatory and home care. Technology will play a larger role in monitoring and successfully managing patients in their homes.
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