Developing skills for business leadership

| April 6, 2014

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Its basically a reflection of all the things we took regarding the different skills.
They don’t want to know what we have done in the workshops, they want to know what we LEARNED and how might we DEVELOP THE SKILLS and use it and help us in the FUTURE.
I have attached the requirements and the scheme for you to know what’s expected. And I’ve attached the portfolio and the appendices as well. I have created the layout for you to make it easier. and for you to have an idea of the layout expected and I’ve written a very brief points just to show you what I expect the work to look like.
The work has to be in proper long sentences and in bullet points if needed. No research is required.
There is an exercise in appendix 10 i didn’t do using Microsoft Access. I would like you to do it as well so i can include it in my appendices.
Max length : 3000 words excluding the appendices
It is an important paper work that hold 100% of this module mark.
Everything else is provided in the attachments please consider them carefully.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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