Corporate and business strategy

| July 22, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Answer the 1st , the second and the 4th questions

The questions to be structured as follows:


  1. a) Introduction


  1. b) Critical review (to include minimum of 2 citations in each question)


  1. c) Conclusion


  1. d) References (minimum 5 per answer – Harvard style)

Each question should be 1,000 words. All questions will require explanations

1 – Explain and evaluate Rugman and Verbeke’s (Rugman, A.M. & Verbeke, A. 2004) argument that the world economy is in a state of ‘semi-globalisation’. Is their argument still relevant? Support your argument with empirical evidence.


2- Is the International Monetary Fund justified in asserting that sub-Saharan Africa is ‘rising’? How might a critic respond?


4- Explain the ‘strategy tripod’ framework for analysing business strategy. How does this framework help to understand strategic choices facing a firm wishing to enter foreign markets? Use specific firm-level examples of your choice to support your answer.

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