Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

| August 20, 2015

Please keep in mind, this is for my salon management course, so please include relevant information.
I wasn’t sure what ‘type of paper’ to choose, so I put coursework.
I asked my trainer about how it should be written and she replied like this:
The project is a PROPOSAL of an idea, improvement or new opportunity that you have identified for your chosen business. It’s a proposal to adopt environmental sustainability through improved procedures and monitoring etc. In a sense it is pre policy or action plan as the project is about the WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHY of the identified issue and its implementation. There is the formation of “policy and procedure” as this is part of the information that needs to be presented to “senior management/stakeholders”.
Address all the questions in the project as this will give you a guideline on the information needed. The way that you format your project is that your information should be logically and professionally presented so that it is acceptable and understood by your intended audience (ie senior management). Perhaps you would include a policy statement, procedure guidelines, an action plan template, a monitoring template or an auditing template relevant to your issue.
NB! Please see the document attached for more information.
And please don’t call me, email or message here instead.

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