Develop working relationships with colleagues

| April 7, 2014

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Develop working relationships with colleagues
Outcome 1 (OUT 1)
Understand the benefits of working with colleagues.
1.1 Describe the benefits of productive working relationships. (0/1)
Outcome 2 (OUT 2)
Be able to establish working relationships with colleagues.
2.1 Identify colleagues within own and other organisations. (0/1)
2.2 Agree the roles and responsibilities for colleagues. (0/1)
Outcome 3 (OUT 3)
Be able to act in a professional and respectful manner when working with colleagues.
3.1 Explain how to display behavior that shows professionalism. (0/1)
Outcome 4 (OUT 4)
Be able to communicate with colleagues.
4.1 Identify, information to others clearly and concisely. (0/1)
4.2 Explain how to receive and clarify own understanding of information. (0/1)
Outcome 5 (OUT 5)
Be able to identify potential work related difficulties and explore solutions.
5.1 Identify potential work-related difficulties and conflicts of interest. (0/1)
5.2 Explain how to resolve identified potential difficulties.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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