Develop and Implement Business Plan

| October 16, 2015

Develop and Implement a Business Plan
(There are no significant and differences between BSBMGT617 (BSBMGT617A) DD)


1. You have now completed your Business Plan and it is now time for you, as Manager/Owner of this business to promote this Strategic Plan to your staff.

a. Give descriptions of the types of meetings and what would be said to the staff in the meeting. Talk to them about their roles in the business
b. Give descriptions of the types of feed-back that you would expect from staff and your responses. Both negative and positive feedbacks
c. What are the specific roles of people in relation to the strategy? What would you do to ensure you had the skilled labour to implement the plan? Me and my partner. Have to be an expert in baker.
2. What would you have to do to test the performance measurement systems and change them if necessary? How can you analyse performance reports against planned objectives? (in the handout) Use KPI’s if they really meet if it is working. What the KPI done. What changing and what don’t meet and talk to the staff. External the weather.

3. Assume 12 months after you wrote and implemented your Business Plan, the economy had taken a nose dive and/or your product/service has been made obsolete by a technological innovation by your competitor. How would you report any system failures or product failures and variances to the Business Plan?

4. What review mechanisms would you put in place to ensure your Business Plan is achieving its goals? Test your performance.

5. What type of continuous improvement systems do you think would be necessary to ensure that your Business Plan remains relevant and accurate for its purpose.

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