Develop a profile of one of the countries that is not your own. The profile of the country should include the following

| July 25, 2015


The project is described below – it has 4 distinct sections and one collective section. The collective section is #5

Develop a profile of one of the countries that is not your own. The profile of the country should include the following

  1. Economic profile (economic growth, inflation, unemployment, sources of economic growth, and sources of comparative advantage.)
  2. International trade (historical perspective on international trade balance, exports, imports, major exports and imports, major trading partners, trade arrangements, such as free trade agreements)
  3. Any international actions or pending cases on trade barriers (tariffs and non-tariffs, dumping, subsidies…) with other nations? In the WTO?
  4. Currency system and exchange controls on currency conversions, industrial or service sectors restricted to foreign investment? What about the country’s debt situation and its international reserves?
  5. Synthesis and Critical Thinking section: Based on sections 1 through 4 above discuss the following as a means of synthesizing your research in the above sections.
    1. Evaluate the degree of comparative advantage of the selected; how are they going to stand up to future competition?
    2. Is government industrial policy supportive of foreign enterprises and/orDomestic industries in any specific sectors?
    3. Is the currency policy supportive of international trade and investment?
    4. Are regional trade arrangements the country is part of beneficial?
    5. Use the above analysis to give a grade as to the degree of favorability of the country to international investment: 1 is for very poor – 5 is very good.

Structure of the Paper

  • The paper must be no less than 10 pages long (excluding the title page and work cited page, appendix).
  • The font is Times Roman 11 spaced 1.5
  • Each section must have a minimum of 3well reputed academic sources (check with library resources to make this judgment; no slide share, or …pedias)
  • Use of data and charts:Data and charts should be in an Appendix. Name the Appendix and reference the appendix by referencing it in text. Make sure that all tables and charts are properly sourced.
  • You must use in text citations that relate to the work cited page.
  • Use quotes minimally to support a point. Quotes should not be used to increase the number of pages or as a substitute to your own efforts in making an argument
  • The paper must have a TABLE OF CONTENTS and the Collective section (#5) clearly marked

Grading Rubric

Assessment Criteria Excellent Average Under-performing
Scope of Research Synthesizes information and uses critical thinking skills in analyzing and applying information/data to conclude and evaluate information. Supporting data is significant and student thoroughly justifies their analysis and conclusions. Adequate synthesis of information and use of critical thinking skills in analyzing and applying information/data to concluding and evaluating hypotheses. Data is insufficient to support the analysis and conclusions. Little evidence of synthesis of information or critical thinking in analyzing and applying information/data to concluding and evaluating hypotheses Supporting data is negligible/none
Organization and Structure of the paper Learning is presented in a clear organized manner. Sections are clearly identified.  Well thought through insights. Students use diverse, well reputed sources. Learning presented is not well organized.  Insights are adequate. Student use of sources is limited. Learning is poorly organized.  Insights are superficial. Paper is poorly structured.
Presentation and Writing Quality Paper is well-formatted and appropriately organized.  Appearance inspires readership.

Cohesive business writing that is clear, concise and professional. Few, if any grammatical errors, no spelling errors.

Paper is adequately organized and formatted but lacks inspiration. May have few basic presentation issues. Cohesive business writing that is clear but may lack professionalism. Some grammatical and/or spelling errors. Paper is poorly organized and lacks cohesive flow throughout. Many required component parts missing. Poorly written with unacceptable amount of grammar and spelling errors.


Points Allocation for Assessment Rubric:

Assessment Criteria Excellent Average Under-performing
Scope of Research 50 40 30
Organization and Structure of the Paper 30 25 20
Presentation and Writing Quality 20 15 10
Total 100 80 60


Keep in mind the following:

Your report must not merely state the facts in the case.  You are required to analyze the facts presented in the case based on your readings of the chapters.

You must abide by the Academic Integrity standard set by Berkeley College and must utilize in text citation and Work cited page according to the MLA standard.  Do not quote entire paragraph from an external source with in-text citations.  You must write in your own words.  Quotes should be minimally used.


All written assignments are be submitted through Blackboard Safe Assign. Safe assign can indicate violations of academic integrity.  Each matching will be evaluated on its own merit.

NEVER submit a paper you previously submitted to another class.

NEVER reuse one writing assignment in another (“double dip”)

NEVER   add citations to a previously submitted paper and submit it again.

NEVER   use Wikipedia,investopedia blogs, dictionaries or encyclopedias in College.

NEVER   write a paper without reading the instructions.

NEVER   plagiarize, copy from a student or copy-and-paste (even with a citation).

ALWAYS  edit, proofread and spell-check your paper.

Only submit .doc or .docx files.  Word perfect files (.wps) or file names that do not have .doc, or .docx extensions cannot be opened



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