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| April 23, 2014

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Develop a magazine web site for my project
A magazine, currently paper-based, is considering an online paid system, possibly for articles from each issue. A web database/ ecommerce system will be needed with an admin interface.
Skills Needed
Web application development
Chartist Magazine
No Deliverables have been specified.
Suggested Starting Point
No starting point specified
No Bibliography has been specified
The project proposal
The Aims of this coursework are:
• To prepare you for your final year project
• To aid completion of the project proposal for the final year project
• To research a topic area and plan a scheme of work
• To structure a piece of academic/technical writing in the appropriate style. For example, an Abstract, a title and contents page will be expected. All sections and subsections must be titled and numbered. All pages must be page numbered and correspond to the contents page. All diagrams charts and tables must be given a figure number a title and be described in the text. References, with citation, will be expected in the text. Use the Harvard style if you are studying in the Computer Science or Applied Computing areas. Use numbered references if you are studying in the Communication Technology area, as this is expected by the IEEE.
• To think critically about what you will produce and evaluate your ability to deliver the work
You are required to prepare a document that can be used as a basis for your final year project specification proposal.You might want to consult the student project website for ideas or talk informally to lecturers or any contacts you have within or outside the University.
You should include:
• A Project Title page, an Abstract and a Contents page – The Abstract is a one page, at most, summary of the work you have carried out and appears after the title page and before the contents page The coursework must include a contents page that references the numbered sections, and any numbered sub sections, of this coursework and matches the page numbering in the coursework
• Introduction – In this section you should give an introduction and background to your project.
• Aims – In this section explain in general terms what you intend to achieve by the end of the project.
• Objectives and associated Deliverables – In this section you should identify specific objectives of the project and the associated deliverables. You should have 4 or 5 specific main objectives to your project, but each of these can be broken down into sub-objectives
• Project plan –. This should indicate what process model you intend to use, e.g. a waterfall or iterative model, and why you have chosen the specific model. You should then include a timeline chart, for example a Gantt Chart The timeline chart should show the time estimates for each stage of the specific process model you are following , starting in late September 2014 and finishing by early May 2015
• Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues Describe these in relation to your project
• Technical Skills – Discuss the technical skills needed for the project and indicate whether you already have these. If you do have the required skills, describe from what modules you gained them and to what level. If you do not yet have the required technical skills indicate how you will learn them
• Bibliography – In this section, give a list of books which will provide a starting point in your literature survey.
• References – This course work should include references with citation. We expect you to cite the references in the text to show evidence of background reading in relation to this coursework. Each cited reference in the text should be expanded into a full reference in the reference section, which will follow the bibliography. Refer to online automated referencing tools, for example or , in producing correct references.
Marking Scheme
As a rough guide a 10% section would be approximately 190 words. As some sections have marks for writing, style and breakdown of tasks there may be fewer words in those sections and more in others.
Abstract and Introduction to your project proposal
Objectives and associated deliverables
Project plan and breakdown/estimates
Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues
Technical skills
Coursework documentation: Writing style; Presentation style, Structure
References and Bibliography
Plagiarism is a serious academic offence. The coursework you submit must be your own work.
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