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Determine the gross pay and the net pay

Reaves Professional Services has three employees-a consultant, a computer programmer, and an administrator. The following payroll information is available for each employee:

Consultant Computer Programmer Administrator

Regular earning $3000 per week $24 per hour $36 per hour
rate Not applicable 2 time hourly rate 2 times hourly rt overtime earnings

Gross pay prior $118,000 $45,000 $99,000
to current
pay period

Number of
withholding 2 1 2

For the current pay period, the computer programmer worked 50 hours and the administrator worked 46 hours. The federal income tax withheld for all three employees, who are single, can be determined from the wage bracket withholding in the following Exhibit. Assume further that the social security tax rate was 6.0% on the first $100,000 of annual earnings, the Medicare tax rate was 1.5%, and one withholding allowance is $67.

Wage Bracket
Withholding Table

Table for Percentage Method of Withholding WEEKLY Payroll period
(a) SINGLE person (including head of household)–

If the amount of wages The amount of income tax
(after subtracting to withhold is:
withholding allowances) is: $0……………
Not over $51………….

Over– But not Over– Of excess over—-
$51 – $198 10% -$51
$198 -$653 $14.70 plus 15% -$198
$653 -$1533 $82.95 plus 25% -$653
$1533 -$3,202 $302.95 plus 28% -$1533
$3,202 -$6,916 $770.27 plus 33% -$3202
$6916……………. $1995.89 plus 35% -$6916

Determine the gross pay and the net pay for each of the three employees for the current pay period.

Determine the gross pay and the net pay
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