Determinants of stock returns

| March 9, 2014

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1.Topic should be more specific according to-determinants of stock returns
2. use SPSS to analyze
The aim of this assessment is to enhance your ability to:
Understand the research processes in finance and other related disciplines.
To produce a study that provides fresh insights to academic knowledge on the research area.
Therefore, you will be expected to:
Develop clear research objectives, questions and/or testable hypotheses.
Identify significant studies available on your topic, critically discuss and evaluate these and use clear arguments to justify the need for your research.
Be aware of relevant sources of data and appropriate statistical/econometric methods that can be used to analyse data.
Ascertain that results/research findings are well presented, logically and clearly explained, appropriately linked to findings from previous studies (literature) and can stimulate debate.
Identify potential problems or limitations and how these can be addressed/overcome.
Have an awareness of academic integrity – referencing sources appropriately.
You are required to choose any finance or finance related topic that you would like to write a research paper on for publication in any finance related academic refereed (peer reviewed)[ The Association of Business Schools (ABS) publishes an Academic Journal Quality Guide on various subject groups. The ratings range from 1* (lowest) – 4* (highest). This might help you identify the quality of journal. The latest version is the 2010 edition via the link: The guide is not exhaustive though as some journals may not be listed. Information on journal performance can also be obtained from Journal Citation Reports – a resource from Web of Knowledge accessible via electronic resources.
] journal. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the aims and scope or coverage of the journal before choosing your topic. Although you can use the manuscript structure of your target journal, the research paper must include:
Title of the paper and target journal (provided on the cover page with word count) 5?
Abstract – a brief summary of the research paper. 5
Keywords – up to 8 keywords that encapsulates your topic
Introduction – which may include what the study is about, the research problem, why you chose the topic (rational), relevance, issues to be addressed and scope of the research. 8
Research aims and objectives, questions and/or hypotheses. 10
Literature Review – A critique of literature, which demonstrates that you’re knowledgeable about relevant literature in your research area and puts the research into context. 20
Data and Methodology – Details should be provided on source(s) of data the time period chosen, frequency of data, sample size and selection criteria, data items (variables) and how these are defined. Additionally, the section should also include an outline of statistical techniques or procedure, theoretical, model/statistical method(s) that are pertinent to the proposed research questions of the paper and can be used to test your hypotheses and justification of chosen methodology including possible limitations. 15
Results – discussion of results from the analysis, compare and contrast these results to previous studies in the research area. 20
Conclusion should summarise concisely main findings, identify possible major implications of the study, discussion of limitations and recommendations for future research. 10
References – Harvard Style Referencing should be used. References must be complete, accurate and consistent. 7
This is an individual assignment and should be no longer than 4000 words (excluding Abstract, Tables[ Tables should be presented after the main document. They should be typed, the position of each table must be clearly stated in the main document and corresponding labels shown where they have been displayed. The Tables must be included with the main document when submitting electronically via Turnitin and also for the hard copy submission to student reception.] and References).
You must submit a CD or other storage device such as memory stick that includes your raw data, transformed data and output of all results. Please note that your work will not be marked if this is not submitted.
Submission dates:
Formative Assessment[ A general feedback will be provided on the work you have submitted. It is still your responsibility to ensure that the coursework requirements are met in its entirety when you submit for summative assessment.
Additionally, you will need to submit your essay (formative and summative) to Turnitin (by 11pm on the deadline date specified) and clearly state the Turnitin similarity index score of your report on the bottom left or right of your front cover page. Please note that your work will not be marked if you do not adhere to this instruction. Details on how to use Turnitin will be provided.
Do ensure that you do not exceed the maximum word count. Any information/material not within the allowable limit will be disregarded and this could potentially reduce your marks.
In certain circumstances, you may be required to give an oral presentation of your work before your results can be released.
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