Detection and prevention of white collar crimes in the oil and gas industry (with reference to a single company of choice with widely available data)

| May 19, 2015

TOPIC: Detection and prevention of white collar crimes in the oil and gas industry (with reference to a single company of choice with widely available data)
Scope and Significance of the Research
The dissertation should be a contribution to the existing literature on the topic.
As a minimum, the following chapters should be included abstract, table of contents, introductory chapter, literature review, methodology, findings with appropriate discussion and interpretation, and conclusions. Full references and appendices.
Thoroughness of Literature Review
The literature review should be up-to-date and cover the areas included in the dissertation. It should critically synthesise the literature and serve as a springboard for the dissertation research.
Quality of Theoretical Debate
The dissertation should demonstrate how it relates to wider theoretical debates. Theory or theories should be chosen appropriately, reviewed, critiqued and made applicable to the study.
Quality of Research Methodology & Ethical Awareness
The chosen methodology should be appropriate for the aims of the research and for the theory or theories selected. Additionally, the methods used should answer the identified research questions. The research process should be detailed fully, including aims and objectives, research design, design of measurement instrument, sampling, fieldwork and analysis, and appraisal of reliability and validity. Problems encountered should be detailed, as well as how they were resolved. Particular attention should be paid to research ethics. Any ethical problems posed by the research should be detailed as well as the steps taken in order to address these identified problems.
Research method to include the use of questionnaires as well as focus groups and the analysis of the results obtained.
Analysis and Interpretation of Findings
The findings should be analysed thoroughly, not just described, whether they are qualitative or quantitative in nature. They should be interpreted according to the theory or theories selected at the outset and relate back to the aims and objectives. In some cases, policy implications and recommendations are appropriate.
General Comments
The conclusion should reflect on the results as well as on the process of conducting the piece of research. Overall, the dissertations should reflect the following skills: critical thinking, knowledge of the literature and key issues in the discipline, research and writing skills, and organisational skills.

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