Design Writing :The Rules of Typography According to Crackpots

| April 25, 2015

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Live Projects MGRA504

Brief For Design Writing Assessment 30% weighting


The design writing assessment takes the form of a 1000 word written document, which presents a considered, supported critical response to a selected article. The response will demonstrate your understanding of the article and your critical position will be supported by reference to relevant and credible research sources.


These may include, for example:


Articles in design Magazines/ blogs such as: Eye                                       Magazine, Blueprint, Icon, Design Observer etc.


Academic design journals such as: Design Issues, Design                         Studies, International Journal of Design, The Journal of                             Design History etc.


Academic books covering relevant themes. For example,                          in responding to the Jeff Keedy article ‘The Rules of                                  Typography According to Crackpots/exp’, it may be                                   necessary to research postmodern graphic design in                                 publications such as Poynor, Rick (2003) No More Rules:                          Graphic Design and Postmodernism. New Haven: Yale                              University Press.


Your response can take many forms; you may wish to apply your authors argument(s) to a specific example of design (this could be a contemporary example or from any period in design history) in order to evaluate it’s significance to the field of graphic design. Alternatively you may wish to assess the relevance of your author’s argument(s) to issues affecting contemporary graphic design practice or indeed society as a whole.


In any case, an emphasis should be placed on developing a critical position and strong augment that is backed up by wide, credible research, avoiding personal reflections that are not supported by evidence and/or analysis.


Your assignment should be well structured, making use of paragraphs effectively in a way that delivers a series of clear and evidenced points that combine to construct a well supported argument.


Your assignment should attempt to use images as evidence where necessary to enhance your argument.







Selected Articles



1) ‘Type as an Agent of Power’ Steven Heller in Baseline Issue 62


2) ‘The Rules of Typography According to Crackpots/exp’ Jeff Keedy in Eye no.11 vol. 3


3) ‘Dissenting Conditions’ (Milton Glazer interviewed by Steven Heller) In Glaser, Milton., Ilic, Mirko (2005) The Design of Dissent Gloucester: Rockport Publishers Inc.



Practical Considerations

12 point type and double spacing will be used

The Assignment will be 1000 words in length (excluding the bibliography)

A full bibliography will be included

Academic references will be included for all research referred to




Below are the criteria by which the document will be assessed


Analysis: level of understanding and critical analysis of given material.

Research: breadth, depth, relevance and application of related research material.

Communication: ability to articulate ideas through writing and structure, using appropriate academic writing conventions.


The Hand in deadline for the document is 5:00pm on the 1st of May to



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