Design Specification Memo. Due in 12 Hours

| November 16, 2015

Design Specifications Weighting

  1.       Using the functional decomposition weight the sub-functions and specs that match up to these subfunctions
  2.      Describe how your team arrived at these weightings (should be a combination of customer needs ranking, design team, and benchmarking from other products)
  3.       Describe how you calculated numerical weighting values for the selection criteria (the AHP method is recommended for determining weighting factors);
  4.      Clearly explain the criteria to be used to select design concepts;


  1. a) Transition sentence related to topic.


  1. b) Edit on the lower paragraph and make it very Add stuff if necessary.


Arriving at these weightings we used our customer needs, design team, and benchmarking for other products. Techno group individually interviewed college students, employees, parents, etc… to come up with the best handheld vacuum prototype and overcome the disadvantages by choosing functions according to our weightings according to importance.  After researching and investigating multiple markets handheld vacuums our function importance were chosen based off during our customer needs elevation. An analytic hierarchy process method should proceed for calculations.


  1. c) Don’t mind C.


  1. d) In two sentences summarize everything here.

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