Design REA Daiagram(Accounting Information System Course)

| February 20, 2015

1- I am workig in Accounting Information System course
2- i have short case i need to transfere it to REA Diagram Model
3- i wil include 5 photo pictuers contain to example of REA with table
i want the result it the same structure .
please reed all direction and do the same in the book example and the similar one.
4- also i will include case with its seloution to give you deferent vew.
5- put the table at the same page of the REA (one of picturs show u how compleat this table).
6-You are responsible to make any correction at the same time i ask u for i have limit time to make correction and i want get high score
7- prepare this task in WORD file

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MATERIALS Engineering
Which organizations do you most admire today? How do these companies use information systems? Do you think technology gives them an advantage over rivals? Why or why not?

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