Design and Sustainability

| June 23, 2015

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To apply the process of product innovation to the design of a towbar mounted bicycle
carrier system suitable for use on a hatchback based family car. The design solution should
allow the user to open the hatchback without removing the bikes from the bicycle carrier
Working independently, you are required to: –
1. Demonstrate a good understanding of functional (FAST) and current market [20%]
2. Analyse the mechanical function and load requirements of the product [10%]
3. Produce a design brief [10%]
4. Generate two innovative conceptual ideas with detail of form, material, manufacture
and manufacturing implications of components and assembly [15%]
5. Select the best option [5%]
6. Apply appropriate analyses to ensure fitness for purpose (Force/stress analysis, Free
body Diagrams) [20%]
7. Produce an assembly drawing, detail drawings and parts list [20%]
The report should comprise of largely original material. Areas of research should be
presented in summary form with appropriate citing and referencing. Include a brief
introduction and a brief conclusion. As a guide, the report is expected to contain about
2000 words plus appropriate drawings to BS8888. Drawings may be hand drawn if the
student does not have access to suitable CAD software



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