Describe the core beliefs of the JIT?

| March 16, 2014

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answer the question separately
1-describe the core beliefs of the JIT?
2-find an example of successful JIT manufacturing ?
3- explain the importance of respect for people in JIT?
4-Robert produce 300 units of a product per hour and 30 units are needed to fill a container . It takes 15 minutes to receive the material needed from the previous workstation. The company currently uses a safely stock of 10 precent.Determine the number of Kanbans needed between Robert’s station and the previous process?
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What is Machiavelli’s advice to conspirators? Do you accept his general view of conspiracy? Why or why not? Consider and provide intext citation from The Prince, chapter 19, and The Discourses, III 6.
Culture Shock Interview


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