Describe Palaeolithic and Mesolithic death ways in the UK, what are the limitations of the archaeological evidence?

| March 25, 2015

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– It is an archaeological subject. I called the UK centre and I was told to choose history and then to mention here that it is “archaeology” and not history. 
– The essay should be fully referenced and have an introduction, a discussion and a conclusion. Remember to answer the whole question. It should also have a bibliography that contains a minimum of eight sources.
– please try to include some pictures and diagrams or graphs wherever relevant.

recommended reading: 
Parker Pearson, M, (1999) The Archaeology of Death. Stroud, Sutton.
Pettitt P (2010) The Palaeolithic Origins of Human Burial. London. Routledge.
Aldhouse-Green S (2001) Ex Africa aliquid simper novi: the view from Pontnewydd. In S Lilliken, & Cook J (eds) A very remote period indeed. pp114-119

references from books and journals please.


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