Describe and analyze the significance of a Bodhisattva in Buddhism.

| February 12, 2014

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Using the reading materials and class lectures on the life-story of the Buddha, describe and analyze the significance of a Bodhisattva in Buddhism. In your essay, using one of the two Bodhisattva stories (Candraprabha and Rupyavati), discuss what it means to be a Bodhisattva, how the individual fulfills her/his role as a Bodhisattva, and how the story may or may not serve as a model for the practice of generosity.
The paper must be double-spaced, and leave 1-inch margin on all sides. For citations (no external sources need to be consulted), please use the Chicago Manuel Style.
Moreover, you need to:
• come up with a good title for the paper.
• write an intro paragraph at the beginning giving a general theme of the paper.
• devote a paragraph at the end summarizing your points and thoughts.
• do spell check, etc.
• make sure that the paper is clear and nicely organized.
Please don’t leave 1 page just for references, no external source.
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