Describe, Analyze, and Evaluate President Obama`s Third Presidential State of the Union Address

| June 19, 2015


Oratorical Analysis Paper Guidelines Dr. Gunderson SPC 2608 Public Speaking
Florida International University Department of Communication Arts

Given an oral presentation, apply critical listening skills and an awareness of effective speech principles to analyze the presentation and produce a comprehensive written critique.

Write a 3-4 page essay (A) describing, (B) analyzing and (C) evaluating a speech. Review the video and text of President Obama?s Third Presidential State of the Union Address delivered 24 January 2012, Washington, D.C. Here is the link:

Pay close attention to the speaker’s argument and take notes. Students should make notes of his organization, content, and delivery. How did the speaker?s voice matter in the presentation? To what extent did he stay organized? Were there things the speaker said or did to make it easier or more difficult to listen effectively? Cite examples as necessary. Here are some additional requirements for composing your essay.
(A) Describe
Describe the context of the event; an explanation of the historical background of the speech; an explanation of the primary and secondary audiences of the speech; and an explanation of the structure of the speech.
(B) Analyze
Analyze at least three strategies used by the speaker to meet the needs of the audience at the event (audience analysis).
(C) Evaluate
Evaluate the success of the event; what the purpose of the speech was; if the speakers? purpose was achieved and how do you know if it was achieved.

Three to four full pages, typed using 12 pt. type.
Double spaced
Write in paragraphs, not bullets
Include terminology from the book and lectures.
Write about specific examples
Your essay must meet the criteria for college-level writing as stated in the Florida International University polices. Essays should have a clearly defined central idea; provide adequate support for that idea; be organized clearly and logically; utilize the conventions of standard edited American English; be presented in a format appropriate for this assignment. It should also be edited and word-processed, grammar checked and spell-checked. Hand written work will not be accepted. The assignment must be submitted by the deadline.
Grade Weight: 100 points


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