| February 21, 2015
write an essay about depression.( a mental illness). First, define depression and then discuss the symptoms. After
that, focus on the causes of depression. *Different types of depression: Bipolar disorder (manic-depressive disorder)—occurrence of
episodes of major depression and episodes of abnormally elevated mood called mania (severe) or hypomania (less severe) Dysthymia—mild
depression symptoms lasting for at least 2 years Postpartum depression—a mother’s or father’s depression occurring after the birth of
their baby Seasonal affective disorder—major depression occurring regularly in seasons with low sunlight *Syptoms: Feeling sad or
empty* Decreased interest or pleasure in activities* Appetite change with weight loss or weight gain Decreased or increased sleeping
Fatigue or loss of energy Feeling worthless or guilty Difficulty thinking or concentrating Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide ***
Then-most importantly- write about the causes: 1-Biological factors: Inheriting genes Changing the chemicals in the brain such as the
reduction in dopamine Alcohols and drugs Side effects of meditations 2-Social factors and live events: Loneliness Having serious
diseases such as cancer. Lower education, income… Finical problems 3-Psychological factors: Being anxious Stress. Any others ***
please try not to use difficult words, except if they are essential. Try not to use as minimum number of sources as possible. *** the
essay should have a good thesis statement and each body paragraph should have clear topic sentences. That all. I appreciate your

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