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I have the 6 articles I want in my paper so I will attach them.
***** My research question is “What treatment options are most effective for adults diagnosed with dementia?”

The purpose of this assignment is to help you systematically understand what is currently known with regard to a specific topic or question impacting the clients at your field placement. This assignment will give you the opportunity to be a “practitioner – researcher” and seek out information that will directly inform your practice with your clients.

The best empirical evidence for social change comes not from single studies, but from scientific analyses and syntheses of multiple studies on the same topic. Replication is an essential principle of science, but pure replications are very rare in the social work research. Instead, most studies investigate variations on important themes: How widespread are various conditions? Which risk and protective factors are associated with specific conditions? How acceptable are certain interventions in different populations? Which interventions have been rigorously evaluated with what results? What works best for whom under what conditions? These questions and others can be addressed with systematic literature reviews, even in the presence of substantial (and statistical) heterogeneity across studies.

You will review the literature on a topic of your choice. It must be related to your field placement. Please consult with your field instructor for guidance around the subject of the review. In order to achieve the goal of being a “practitioner-researcher”, you will be expected to share the results of your systematic literature review with your field placement.

Examples of research questions for review include:

• What therapy approach(es) are most effective with children who have experienced sexual abuse?
• What treatment modalities are most effective for adults diagnosed with schizophrenia?
• What are the most effective ways to help formerly homeless individuals succeed in housing?

Locate and read 6 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals that relate to your research question. Read the articles’ abstract to make sure the content is of interest to you before choosing to include it as one of your 6 articles.

Write a 9-13 page (not including title page and references) paper summarizing and synthesizing the material in your articles.

Every time you reference an article, you must cite it using APA format. Be sure to correctly use in-text citations when you paraphrase or use direct quotes. You cannot copy text directly without using “quotation marks”. You may use no more than two direct quotes in this assignment. I want you to put the material into your own words.

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Assessing Community Needs week 9 Discussion
Assessing Community Needs week 9 Discussion


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