| February 24, 2015
Must be an Australian way of academic writing Hello I want make sure the below OUTLINE can be written by Health writer. And will it be written in Australian way of writing?? thanks Outline Introduction (100 words): Introduce the 3 issues you will be discussing and from what perspective they will be discussed. Show the outcome that you are aiming for in this essay. (3rd person) SUGGESTED ISSUES/AREAS: delegation, advocacy, teamwork, collaboration, workforce diversity, interprofessional and intraprofessional communication, therapeutic relationship, skill mix and workplace violence. I personally prefer delegation for issue 1, teamwork for issue 2. I am not sure about issue 3 ( you decide from the suggested issues). ISSUE 1 Delegation 600words/issue Step 1. (175 -200 words) Identify & describe the issues/areas of professional nursing practice that you think have an influence in the transition to the practice as a graduate registered nurse and to the future nursing practice. (a) Identify: State what is it and how you came to choose this concept. You can write in 1st or 3rd person. Book resources can be use here as references Here are a couple of examples for you. 1st person = “From my critical reflections, I have chosen advocacy as one of the professional practice concepts as influencing my transition to practice because …………”. 3rd person = “ Advocacy in nursing is an important professional practice concept that will be addressed in this essay. It is important in a GRN’s transition to practice because …………” (b) Describe from the literature: What is it, where do you see it and how is it important to the GRN. You must incorporate your source of information here with intext referencing. Here is an example. “Delegation in nursing is described as ………………………………………… (……………..). It can be seen in many areas of nursing practice such as ……………………………………. (…………..), and is valuable for the graduate registered nurse as a ……………………………… (…………..).” (c) Justify your selections: by referring an appendix. (Please note if you wish to select communication as your area. You need to address either effective professional communication or inter or intraprofessional communication, not simply communication.) Step 2 (250-300 words) Critically discuss the impact of these issues/areas of nursing practice on the transitioning graduate registered nurse. (3rd person writing here) At least 5-6 journal articles for step2 in every issues. For example: Critically discuss different aspects of teamwork for the graduate registered nurse. Remember the 6 hats of critical thinking. Show you have a wide understanding and that your decisions are based on knowledge not personal opinion. (Use the literature widely here. You need a variety of literary sources for each professional practice aspect to show critical reasoning.) Step 3. (100-150 words) Argue how and why the discussions about these key issues/areas have influenced your transition to practice as a GRN and to your future nursing practice. (3rd and 1st person here) As well as literary support, to give your argument more weight, you may also attach an appendix which contains artefacts eg. personal reflections, readings, aspects of the GRN toolkit, brochures, tutor, peer and self feedback tools etc. to support your argument further. In other words: • Links research on issue/Toolkit strategies to author’s experiences • Links to author’s future practise • Argues for the importance/relevance/ influence of issues on own transition • Refer to materials in appendix ISSUE 2 (600words) same structure and words count as issue 1 ISSUE 3 (600words) Repeat/ same structure and words count as issue 1 Conclusion: (100 words) The conclusion needs to show your 3 issues, a general comment about what you have learnt about each one of them and their impact on being a GRN and how they will influence your transition to practice and future nursing practice. (1st person) In other words: • Repeats the themes/ issues • Pulls the argument together for the 3 issues for transitioning nurses • Repeats the argument for importance • Repeats the argument for highlighting the importance to author’s future practice References: About 30 resources APA style Resources must be current last 5 years. Mostly scholarly Journal article (academic literature journal article) when they ask us to refere to some resources as an apincex, they till us that we can use the toolkit. so the attached toolkit is an indication. Anyway: Step1 and 2 in every issue, should not make any confusing. I am concern with step3 as I am afried that I did not gave enough information. Therefore, I uploaded another file which is an example of one of the students who did the subject last year. just to give you an idea of the expectation such as the structure, the statements. I do not want to work on any of the issues who wrote about. and I believe you can do better than the example.

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