Defining the Project Scope

| October 26, 2015

Defining the Project Scope
Review the project case. Determine the scope of the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project from the information provided in the case. Using the Project Scope Checklist, prepare a scope document for review and approval by the project sponsor prior to starting the project.
Project Scope Checklist
Project objective
Technical requirements
Limits and exclusions
Reviews with customer
Work Breakdown Structure Purpose and Limitations
The purpose of this worksheet is to: ” Identify the work to be done

Identify the types of resources required for the work
” Develop estimates for each work element

This worksheet does not address: When the work will be completed

Use the following table to define the major deliverables and associated task detail for each deliverable. Use the example (in red) for help in determining how to break up the work and identify the Work ID numbers. Expand the table as needed.

“Work Package
Task ” Tasks Resource(s) Required “Estimated Duration
(in days)
Tasks” “Estimated Duration
(in days)
Work Package”
1 Project Kick-off 4
1.1 Book location for meeting Project Manager 1
1.2 Invite stakeholders Project Manager 1
1.3 Prepare presentation Project Manager 1
1.4 Conduct the meeting Project Manager and Attendees 1
2 Project Documents 13
2.1 Develop Charter/Scope Project Manager 2
2.2 Develop WBS Project Manager and Workers 7
2.3 Develop Project Plan Project Manager 2
2.4 Develop Communication Plan Project Manager 2
3 Status Reports/Meetings 3
3.1 Develop Status Report Project Manager 1
3.2 Set schedule for team meetings Project Manager 1
3.4 Set schedule for stakeholder meetings Project Manager 1
4 Initial Planning Meetings with Vendors 5
4.1 Meet with Framing/Drywall Project Manager and East Side Framing PM 1
4.2 Meet with Electrical Project Manager and Sparks Electrical PM 1
4.3 Meet with Plumbing Project Manager and Waterworks Plumbing PM 1
4.4 Meet with Finish Work Project Manager and Woodcraft Carpentry PM 1
4.5 Meet with Student Workers Project Manager and Student Workers Manger 1
5 Electrical Permits 10
5.1 Obtain Electrical Permits Sparks Electrical PM 10
6 Plumbing Permits 10
6.1 Obtain Plumbing Permits Waterworks Plumbing PM 10
7 Building Permits 10
7.1 Obtain Building Permits East Side Framing & Drywall PM 10
8 Framing 24
8.1 Framing-Order Supplies East Side Framing & Drywall PM 3
8.2 Framing-Build East Side Framing & Drywall 15
8.3 Framing-Inspect City & County 5
8.4 Framing-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
9 Electrical 19
9.1 Electrical-Order Supplies Sparks Electrical PM 3
9.2 Electrical-Install Sparks Electrical 10
9.3 Electrical-Inspect City & County 5
9.4 Electrical-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
10 Plumbing 19
10.1 Plumbing-Order Supplies Waterworks Plumbing PM 3
10.2 Plumbing-Install Waterworks Plumbing 10
10.3 Plumbing-Inspect City & County 5
10.4 Plumbing-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
11 Drywall 24
11.1 Drywall-Order Supplies East Side Framing & Drywall PM 3
11.2 Drywall-Install East Side Framing & Drywall 15
11.3 Drywall-Inspect City & County 5
11.4 Drywall-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
12 Finish Work 24
12.1 Finish-Order Supplies Woodcraft Carpentry PM 3
12.2 Finish-Install Woodcraft Carpentry 15
12.3 Finish-Inspect City & County 5
12.4 Finish-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
13 Workbenches 20
13.1 Workbenches-Order Supplies Student Workers Manager 2
13.2 Workbenches-Build Student Workers 15
13.3 Workbenches-Quality inspection Project Manager 2
13.4 Workbenches-Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
14 Equipment Packing 5
14.1 Pack production equipment City Equipment Movers PM 2
14.2 Pack non-production equipment City Equipment Movers 2
14.3 Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
15 Move 7
15.1 Move production equipment Express Moving Company PM 3
15.2 Move non-production equipment Express Moving Company 3
15.3 Project Sign-off Project Manager 1
16 Procurement Closure 5
16.1 Review contract work Project Manager 3
16.2 Release contractors Project Manager 1
16.3 Pay contractors Project Manager 1
17 Project Closure 7
17.1 Final report Project Manager 3
17.2 Archive documentation Project Manager 3
17.3 Lessons Learned Project Manager 1
Project Management Case
You are working for a large, apparel design and manufacturing company, Trillo Apparel Company (TAC), headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. TAC employs around 3000 people and has remained profitable through tough economic times. The operations are divided into 4 districts; District 1 – North, District 2 – South, District 3 – West and District 4 – East. The company sets strategic goals at the beginning of each year and operates with priorities to reach those goals.
Trillo Apparel Company Current Year Priorities
• Increase Sales and Distribution in the East
• Improve Product Quality
• Improve Production in District 4
• Increase Brand Recognition
• Increase Revenues
Company Details
Company Name:Trillo Apparel Company (TAC)
Company Type: Apparel design and production
Company Size: 3000 employees
Position # Employees
Owner/CEO 1
Vice President 4
Chief Operating Officer 1
Chief Financial Officer 1
Chief Information Officer 1
IT Department 38
District Manager 4
Sales Team 30
Accountant 12
Administrative Assistant 7
Order Fullfilment 45
Customer Service 57
Designer 24
Project Manager 10
Maintenance 25
Operations 2500
Shipping Department 240
Total Employees 3000

Products:Various Apparel
Corporate Location:Albuquerque, New Mexico
TAC Organization Chart

District 4 Production Warehouse Move Project Details
The business has expanded considerably over the past few years and District 4 in the East has outgrown its current production facility. Because of this growth the executives want to expand the current facility, moving the whole facility 10 miles away. The location selected has enough room for the production and the shipping department. However, the current warehouse needs some renovation to accommodate the district’s operational needs.
The VP of Operations estimates the production and shipping warehouse move for District 4 will provide room required to generate the additional $1 million/year product revenues to meet the current demand due to the expanded production capacity. Daily production generates $50,000 revenue so a week of downtime will cost $250,000 in lost revenues.
The move must be completed in 4 months.
Mileage between the old and new facilities is 10 miles.
Bids have been received from contractors to build out the new office space and production floor and have signed contracts for work as follows:
Activity Company Providing Services Total Contract Supplies Time Needed
Pack, move and unpack production equipment City Equipment Movers $150,000 n/a 5 Days
Move non-production equipment and materials Express Moving Company $125,000 n/a 5 Days
Framing East Side Framing & Drywall $121,000 $125,000 15 Days
Electrical Sparks Electrical $18,000 $12,000 10 Days
Plumbing Waterworks Plumbing $15,000 $13,000 10 Days
Drywall East Side Framing & Drywall $121,000 $18,000 15 Days
Finish Work Woodcraft Carpentry $115,000 $15,000 15 Days
Build work benches for production floor Student Workers Carpentry $112,000 $110,000 15 Days

Production workdays are Monday through Saturday. The actual move must be completed in 5 days for as little disruption to production activities as possible. All contractors are on other projects but have been booked in advance. The contractors will gain the necessary permits and schedule city and county inspections but these tasks need to be identified separately due to the length of time it can take. Permitting and inspections can take from one to three weeks, depending upon schedule and the flexibility of the inspector. The new warehouse is empty and can be accessed immediately. Framing cannot start until the permits are received. Electrical and plumbing can begin as soon as the framing is finished. Drywall cannot start until the electrical and plumbing inspections are complete. After the drywall is completed, final inspections will be completed by the county and city. After both the county and city have passed the new construction, finish work can begin. Building the product floor work benches can occur at any time before the move occurs.

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