Define what is self reflection when learning and why is it very important for me as a student to go through this process

| February 16, 2014

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The previous task that we have done is that we have interviewed an entrepreneur who owns his own pharmacy, after the interview, we have gave him a business idea which is offering a service that allows the customer to customise their own gift pack.
The next task is to write a reflection coursework on the module as a whole and on the learning experience with the interviewed entrepreneur.
1. Define what is self reflection when learning and why is it very important for me as a student to go through this process
2. Write brief explanation on how will you intend to answer the coursework
A.Summary of a new learning:
Assume that you are me
Write 700 words on the new things that I have learned through out the whole module and the interview.
You could use the learning outcomes from the module handbook
B.Use of supporting literature:
1. Differences between innovation and invention
2. Explain what is innovation funnel and use a picture to fully illustrate what is it
3. Explain the different types of abilities, skills and personal qualities needed when being an entrepreneur. You could also say entrepreneur love and passionate on doing what they like is the key success to their business example( James Olivier )
4.where and how entrepreneur gets their idea from – u could also expand this point by explaining note book approach and holiday approach.
Explain and apply the concept of learning by doing and effectuate concept in more depth.
5. Talk about the importance of forming and building a team from a entrepreneur perspectives.
6. The importance of creating a business plan from an entrepreneur point of view.
7. Importance of raising finance from an entrepreneur point of view.
The main body should 2000 words.
C. Conclusion:
1.Why planning is very important from student and entrepreneur point of view.
2. Effective and achievable plan to achieve personal objective including time scales( assume that you are student)
3. Kolbs learning cycle
4. Belbins theory
700 words
Important note: please avoid being very general in writing and you must reference the materials that I will provide you with.
Reference list that must be used:
Sarasvathy, S., et al (2010) Effectual Entrepreneurship, Routledge
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