Decreasing Postoperative Risk in the Older Adult

| February 24, 2015
Short Paper: Decreasing Postoperative Risk in the Older Adult. Instructions The number of surgical procedures performed in this country for patients 65 and older is the highest for any age group and continues to grow. With an increasing number of older adults undergoing a surgical procedure there also is an increasing risk in postoperative morbidity and mortality. Write a four page paper which includes a cover page (page 1), your response to the items below (pages 2 & 3), and a reference page (page 4): Using the required textbooks and the linked article, identify two (2) age related changes that increase the risks for complications and hinder the postoperative recovery of an 80-year-old patient who lives independently. The following components must be addressed: 1.Why potential postoperative complications become a greater risk with advancing age and whether the age related changes require a different nursing approach from the care applied to a younger population . 2.Nursing interventions the registered nurse can implement to decrease the specified risks. . 3.Overall nursing care to address the needs of this patient population.

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