Decline in youth partcipation from a spots buisness daily article

| September 23, 2015

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Research Paper #1. (25 points) Due: September 24 (The paper will deal with a topic covered in the In-depth section of Sports Business Journal published within the last year. The paper must be a minimum of 3 pages in length. (5 points will be deducted if it’s less than a full three pages) This assignment is not an informational paper or just your opinion about the topic. Rather, critically examining both sides of an issue/topic, taking a position on the topic, and providing factual support for your position. For example, a paper topic could be “professional athletes found guilty of using performance enhancing-drugs should not be allowed in the hall of fame.” Each paper must contain a minimum of 2 references in APA format, properly cited both in the text and on the reference page, to support your position. Please note: Wikipedia is not considered a credible reference to be used in your paper. Your three-page assignment should adhere to the following format: 1. Cover page which includes topic name, your name, course, and date 2. ½ page introducing the issue 3. 1- page illustrating one side of the issue 4. 1- page illustrating the opposite side of the issue 5. ½ concluding page stating your personal position with justification 6. Reference page including a minimum of 2 references in APA format (The reference page does not count toward your 3 pages of text.)
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