Decisions and branching

| June 19, 2015

Description: Decisions and branching are key to most software algorithms. For this problem we will be working with prime numbers. Note that 0 IS NOT to be considered prime, but 1 is a prime. The definition of a prime number is that there are NO OTHER ways to produce the number by multiplying any other numbers EXCEPT 1 and the number in question.
In this machine problem you will be using loops and decision making to find the prime numbers from 0 to 200. You will count from 0 to 200, and for EVERY NUMBER you will:
1. Determine if the number is a prime. If it is, print out the number and indicate it is a prime number,
2. Indicate if it is 0, or
3. Tell what factor prevented the number from being prime, if the number is NOT prime.
Each number, and its’ result will occupy its own line of output. Make sure that the output is easy to read.

No questions this machine problem.

1. Source code for the program with proper comments, variable names, and white space
2. Flowchart for your code
3. A copy of the output
4. Discussion of the problem, including
a. What the program was meant to accomplish
b. Problems involved, and how you overcame those problems
c. What data you used to test your program and how effective that test was at finding errors


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