Decision Making Tree

| February 20, 2020

The final project will be a paper that should be the foundation of your ethical journey.  It will include identifying and expanding on various pillars of ethical practice which we have identified and elaborated on with each module.


· Awareness

· Trust and Integrity

· Caring Citizen

· Fairness

· Respect and Equity 

Explore the five topics listed above individually, under separate headers.  Discuss its relationship to individual, professional and workplace ethics.  Each topic should be at a minimum of 1 page (and probably will be 2).  Resources should be properly incorporated and cited.  All resources should be scholarly.  This portion of the paper will account for half the grade.  

Decision Making Tree

The second half of your project (and grade) has you creating an individual Ethical Decision-making Tree.  Each step of the decision making tree needs to include information about if yes/ then go here; if no/ then go to this section.  You should review a variety of business decision making trees before beginning the steps of your tree.  I have several Decision Making Trees and ideas listed in the file below this one (Decision Making Tree – Resources).  Please be sure to write about your process, and include a time to review, revise and adjust your decision making process based on results.

Decision Making Tree Resources

Here are some additional resources which may be beneficial to your final project.  You may also want to review some of the Additional Resources in Module 4.

Ethical Leaders Decision Tree by Constance E. Bagley (from February 2003 issue of Harvard Business Review).

A Guidelines to Making Ethical Business Decisions (from TGS), excellent layout of a decision tree.

Ethics Decision Tree for CPAs in Government (PDF opens in new window)

Help in Making Ethical Choices (opens in new window) Includes a detailed listing of a variety of companies and their ethical decision making trees and processes.

Explore Decision Tree, Presentations, and More (pinterest pictures) opens in new window  This site provides a lot of pictures and a wide variety of layouts for making an Ethical Decision-making Tree.

Decision Tree Charting Tools

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