Decision Making Model: Steps Four and Five

| July 20, 2015

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This is the fourth and final written assignment in an ongoing course project that has given you the opportunity to apply the 5-Step Decision Making Model in a real-life business scenario.The first assignment, submitted in Unit 1, asked you to define a significant problem currently facing your organization. The second assignment, submitted in Unit 2, asked you to identify the objectives in solving this problem. The third assignment, submitted in Unit 3, asked you to identify and analyze the available options. In this final assignment, you will complete the decision making process with Steps 4 and 5 of the model: Consider Ethical Implications and Select the Best Option.

In 2 double-spaced pages, outline the ethical implications of this decision (including the varying effects this decision will have on different stakeholders), and then make and analyze a final decision. You may begin with a small paragraph (3-4 sentences at most) recounting the problem that you defined in Step 1 and the decision alternatives you outlined in Step 3.

However, the bulk of this assignment should be focused on considering the ethical implications and identifying the appropriate solution. As stated in the textbook, not every decision has the same effect on every stakeholder. Begin by identifying the relevant stakeholders in your situation (employees, shareholders, community, etc.), and discussing how each decision alternative would affect each stakeholder.

After discussing the effects your decision will have on those affected, identify what you feel to be the correct solution. Explain in detail why you are making that decision, and what you expect the outcomes (both good and bad) to be of the decision.

Conclude with a small summary that ties together the problem you identified in Step 1 with the decision you made in Step 5.


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