Death penalty cases

Human rights and psychologists involved in assessment related to death penalty cases:

The article is attached that should be used

Select a topic from the University of Phoenix Material: Hot Topics Presentation Options.

Obtain instructor approval for your topic chpice prior to beginning work.

Select a case study from the University Library that illustrates your topic.

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to brief the class on your topic. Include the following:

  • A properly formatted title slide
  • An agenda for your presentation
  • A definition of which ethical aspirational principle and enforceable standards are relevant
  • An explanation of how the clients in this case study would be affected by unethical disclosure of client information       2-3 slides
  • An explanation of how the issues affect the practice of professional psychology, in regards to professional supervision      2-3 slides
  • An analysis of what the APA Ethics Code would suggest as a resolution to the dispute
  • A discussion on how your research into the dilemma affected your prior views and assumptions
  • A properly formatted reference slide

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