Death Penalty

| March 22, 2015

Death Penalty


The same way it is structure just fill in the blanks with information on why against death penalty.

Introduction Against Death Penalty Attention Catcher: Listener Relevance: Connect your audience to the essence (the thesis) of your speech. How will they be able to relate to its message? Speaker Credibility: Why are you believeable? Thesis Statement: (What is the overriding point of your introduction?) By the end of the speech you will. . . Preview: (The preview literally tells in which order your body of ideas will be discussed). For example, “First, I will discuss my early years growing up in Newark, then I will discuss how moving to Clifton changed my life and lastly, I will discuss the events that led to decision to return to school at the age of 35”). Body First main point Transition: Second main point Transition: Third main point a. b. Conclusion: Thesis Restatement: Summarize Main Point: Clincher:

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Prison and punishment
Regarding the Pain of Others


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