death of a salesman essay

I need a perfect essay done.
choose any essay you want. must be a A paper. no plagerism
Requriements- must be in present tense
7-8 paragraphs
MLA formant. wiith direct quotes from story

  1. Choose one of the following topics to write a complete essay. From the list below, select one topic from which to write your essay. Some of the topics have questions. Use the questions to guide you into shaping your essay.  Examining the questions should lead you to a more focused and organized essay. The questions are there to prompt your thinking, not for you to literally answer each question.  You are not looking for literary devices specifically.  You will have to take a particular stance on the topic you select.Before final submission to the Dropbox, please make sure you have uploaded your essay to Grammarly to check for grammatical errors.

Total Points: 100

  1. Throughout the play the Lomans in general cannot distinguish between reality and illusion.  Explain how each member of the Loman family exemplifies this, i.e. Willy’s philosophy that success is based on appearance and popularity without mentioning hard work.


  1. What are the consequences of the failure of Willy and his boys to grow up?  Explain specifically their child-like behaviors and the impact of their behaviors on themselves and/or other characters.


  1. Support the idea that the Loman household is built upon lies-lies told to and about others and lies told to self.  Include in your analysis all the members of the household-Willy, Linda, Biff, and Happy.


  1. If one of the themes of the play is about following your dreams, what is Arthur Miller saying about the nature and pursuit of dreams?


  1. Some critics see Linda as a“controlling mother figure” who is actually the one to blame for the failure of both her sons and of her husband. Agree or disagree with those critics.