Dead lover Poems

| April 29, 2014

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Dead lover Poems
Length- 3 full pages +works cited page (4 outside sources; the poems don’t count; outside sources are
those that talk about/analyze the poem))
Write an essay comparing all of the males in these poems? Who is the craziest and why?
1. “The Ballad of Charlotte Dymond”- Matthew
2. “Porphyria’s Lover” –the speaker
3. “My Last Duchess” –the Duke
4. “Annabel Lee” –the speaker
* Look at their motivation, behavior, attitude, interaction with other characters and psychological
* If you did the extra credit, you have already outlined your essay!  Remember, support each claim with evidence from the poem!!
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Poetry Explication Research
Choose ONE of the following poems from The Harbrace Anthology of Poetry: “Winter Evening”(HP 190-91), “A Country Without a Mythology” (HP 261-62), “The Landlady” (HP 268-69), or “Border Station” (HP 370-71). Present a detailed analysis of the poem you have chosen.


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