DaVinci Principles Paper

| September 23, 2015

This assignment is a Common Assessment, used to measure MBA Program Learning Outcome 5: employ innovative thinking in the solution of domestic and global business problems. Each student is to write a six- to eight-page paper that discusses each principle through identification of a global firm, a current employer, and/or a former employer that is either a) demonstrating success with the principle, or b) standing to benefit from the application of the principle. (Refer to grading Rubric for details). The paper should include: a. An introduction and definition of the da Vinci principles, and an explanation of how da Vinci principles can be applied for business success. b. A very brief overview of da Vinci’s life and influences. c. Two specific examples from a global firm, a current employer, and/or a former employer, that illustrate each da Vinci principle in action, or recommendations for application (total of 14 specific examples). If unable to identify a principle in use at a particular firm, recommend how the firm could apply that principle. The paper is graded on the thoroughness of the research, the student’s understanding and application of the da Vinci principles, and the clarity of the writing.

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DaVinci Principles Paper
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