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Database Hacking

In your own words explain what database hacking is and why databases are targeted by hackers.

Part 2

SQL Injection Prevention

How would you harden a database to prevent hacking? Similarly, how would you harden a webserver from SQL injection? What types of tools and practices could you utilize? (To provide a few examples, think web app firewall and sanitizing input…)

Part 3 Instructions:

· Review the discussion question below.

· Write your discussion post.

· As part of the Week 5 Discussion Board assignment, you will submit a MS Word document (.doc or.docx) containing the exact contents of each discussion board post (eg, if you post once, submit one document; if you post three submit three documents) using the provided assignment submission link. The originality of each document will be checked using the SafeAssign originality-checking tool. The discussion board assignment will receive zero points if incomplete, inaccurate, insufficient, or no documents are uploaded to SafeAssign.

· Click the Week 5 SafeAssign Check Link above to submit it through SafeAssign.

· Review needed.

· Copy and paste your completed MS Word document (.doc or .docx) using the Week 5 Discussion Board link.


After watching the video, Supply Chain Management: The Beer Game, create your own thread discussing at least three concepts presented in or that you learned from the video.

Supply Chain Management: The Beer Game

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