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| June 9, 2014

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Here is my instructor commends below, please write like this:
Sources and methods: If you collected primary data by conducting interviews, surveys, or focus groups, outline the procedures you followed and any related details: who your subjects were; how you chose those subjects; what the surveysample size was; when the collection of data took place; and whether the data you collected is open to dispute. You can also describe your secondary sources.
Check out: Domestic Violence page 3 (Current Study); p.4 – top of 11 (Findings)
NOTE: Everything should be written in past tense!
OK to use I & you – remember active voice? Use active voice.
Use of bias words is NOT OK. Words that slant the readers perception toward a certain
attitude, especially one the prejudices them towards a certain answer to your research question
before you have even explained your research need to be deleted or replace with neutral terms.!
Transitions: Everytime you move from one topic to the next provide the reader with a “road
sign.” This also helps them to read. It also helps you to see whether you are proceeding
logically through your argument.
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Communication Theory
Todd Gitlin uses the concept of "hegemony" in his discussion of media coverage of protest and social movements. Explain what he means by this concept. Then apply it to Vaidhyanathan's discussion of Google. How does Google rule the Internet? What are the "hegemonic ideologies" that legitimize Google's rule?

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