Data Communications – Multiplexing & Switching

| March 27, 2015

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2x questions; no sources necessary.

(1) Consider a frame being sent using asynchronous transmission. Assume that samples are taken at the middle of the bit period and that the clocks are synchronized at the beginning of the transmission. The receiver clock is faster than the transmitter clock; the drift is 0.03% (i.e., 0.0003). How many bits can be sent before the clock drift results in an error?

(2) You want to send a message that is 80 bytes long from your machine to a friend’s via 3 intermediate nodes. You are required to use a header size of 5 bytes. You have the option of sending the message as 2 packets, as 5 packets or as 10 packets. Which of these three options has the least transmission time? What is the minimum transmission time (of these three options)? Explain your work.


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