Data analysis

| May 21, 2015

You have been provided with the data for this assignment as an SPSS data file. The data file has been provided with generic variable names (Variables1 to 11), which you should change. You will need to provide more detailed VARIABLE LABELS and VALUE LABELS in the data file.

The hypothetical research to be considered concerns a researcher’s attempt to learn more about the differences between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, and children with neither of these conditions (a control group). The actual grouping data for the children are located in column Variable11 of your dataset, with children with ADHD being coded 1, children with autism being coded 2, and control group children coded 3.

The researcher collects test scores from various measurement tools, and these are entered in variables Variable1 to Variable10 (excluding Variable9, which indicates the child’s sex: 0 = male, 1 = female, and X0, which is a subject code number). Variable1 is the participant’s id number. Variable2 describes the results of a simple reaction time test for each child. Variable3 are the results of a qualitative EEG brain scan of each child’s brainwave patterns. Variable4 is each child’s results on the Weschler Child Memory Scale. Variable5 contains parental ratings of levels of difficult behaviour exhibited by each child. Variable6 are the results of modified Stanford-Binet IQ testing of each child. Variable7 contains each child’s results for a simple learning test. Variable8 contains each child’s results on a test of verbal ability. Variable10 are the results of an experimental adaptive behaviour scale developed by the researcher.

Your first task is to provide appropriate variable labels for all the variables and value labels for Variable9 (sex) and Variable11 (group).
After this, answer the following questions. You must provide the relevant SPSS output along with any write-up that is requested. Any figures or tables must be in APA style. All of these data have been “screened and cleaned” using EDA, and some of the variables have been transformed, which means that some of the results might look “odd”. Don’t worry about that. You are not required to interpret any of the results in “common sense” terms. The exercise is solely related to the data analysis, and the variables and their scores are somewhat arbitrary.

You need to provide both the APA-style write-up for each analysis and the relevant SPSS output to demonstrate that you have conducted the analyses correctly. You can put the SPSS output in an appendix if you wish. If you are required to provide APA-style tables or graphs, these are separate to the SPSS output, and need to be included with the write-up of the analysis.

1. Carry out a contingency table analysis using χ2 to answer the question of whether there is a significant relationship between sex and group. In other words, are males and females equally represented across the three groups? Show a bar chart of this relationship and present the descriptive statistics in a properly formatted APA table. Make sure that after running the χ2 analysis, you use standardised residuals to help interpret the result.

2. Is there a sex difference for (1) the scores on the experimental adaptive behaviour scale, and (2) the standardised intelligence test? Write up the results in APA style, including properly formatted APA-style graphs of the means and an APA style table of the descriptive results (you can provide the results for both variables in the one table or in separate tables). Two separate analyses and two graphs are required for this question.

3. Show a correlation matrix of the eight dependent variables, with significance levels. Present the matrix as a properly formatted APA-style table, then pick two significant correlations from the matrix and write up these results in APA style.

4. Is there a significant difference between scores on the simple learning test and scores on the test of verbal ability?
Note: (these are measured along the same scale, and are therefore directly comparable).
Pick an appropriate significance test to answer this question, and write the results up in APA style, along with a properly formatted APA bar chart and a table of the descriptive results.

5. Carry out a single-factor between-subjects ANOVA with subject group as the factor and verbal ability as the dependent variable. Provide descriptive statistics as both a table and a graph, and a post-hoc test. Write-up the results of this analysis in APA style.

Due Date: Friday, 29 May 5pm

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