Dark Tourism in Prague

| February 24, 2014

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Section 1:
Title, Rationale, Aims and Objectives
A.The title should reflect the project content
E.g.: ‘The demand for dark tourism in Prague’
B.The Rationale should outline the background to the project and make reference to
some relevant literature. Set out a reasoned case as to why your research is
needed/worthwhile and how your work builds on what literature/research exists
already. The background section should lead smoothly into a statement of the
research questions and aims and objective.
–state clearly what you are trying to achieve overall
Overall aim: to explore the dark tourism in Prague
-state precisely. Identify clear goals for the research; indicate what your
intended purposes are.
You should choose the title of this project and it must be related in Dark tourism in Prague.
You should include general tourist information linked to your project…
The Reference list should include ONLY books and article without any internet sources !
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