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| November 18, 2015



Re:Re:Module 7 DQ 1


Hey Liz,


In reading your post, I wanted to ensure that I have not confused the direction of the relationship that was established between cigarette smoking and the current GPAs of the college students. In the post, you suggest that: furthermore, one can conclude that cigarette smoking has a positive correlation with college performance; however, I was under the impression that in this scenario, the resulting data provides us with the reasonable conclusion that the connection between cigarette use and college student’s current GPA for completed college courses have formed a negative correlational relationship (Gravetter&Wallnau, 2010). In other words, the two variables within this study tend to go in opposite directions, i.e., when cigarette smoking is higher, GPAs are lower, and vice versa (Gravetter&Wallnau, 2010). If this was a positive correlation, if I am understanding the text correctly, the two variables would tend to change in the same direction, i.e. when cigarette
smoking is higher, GPAs would be higher, and when cigarette smoking is lower, GPAs would be lower.


Thank you for the opportunity to dialogue.






Gravetter, F. J. &Wallnau, L. B. (2010). Statistics for the behavioral sciences (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.


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