Dance Concert "Spring Dance Concert"

| April 15, 2014

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This is the other concert report you can follow it,but the dance is different.The live dance, Raw, was based more on abstract than a story-line. I arrived at the auditorium 20 minutes earlier to gather information from the program. There were many audiences. Most audiences seem very interesting in the dance they were going to see. I also saw many parents with their children. I think this is very good because it is better to let children contact with art will make them know how to appreciate the art and the anesthetics of art earlier.
My first impression of the concert is that the dancers were very professional and enjoying in their dance. The first dance, For My Good, the dancer Michelle Funder-bunk danced with smile. I could feel her passion for dance in her every single movement. This impression did not change after watched the whole performance. This is the first time that I watched bullet dance. I thought it will be boring, but it is not. This performance use many beautiful musics and movement to present to audiences what the choreographer want to show. It really changes my impression for bullet. Also, I would recommend this program to others.
In the performance, many abstract backgrounds were used. The choreographer likes to use the simple color background, sometimes match with costumes, to construct a fantasy feeling to audiences. For example, in the major show “Raw”, the choreographer used bright red background and dancers’ red costumes to build the agitation ambiance which made audiences excited. The usage of the lighting was very intelligent, too. In the scene “Fragment”, the choreographer used only one spot light at one time to let audiences focus on one dancer. Also, sometimes it used no light with a bright background to build the style of paper cut silhouette which lead audience to a fantasy world.
In these nine scenes of the performance, my favorite one is the second scene “Peregrina”. The dancer wore like a zingara and dance with lots of passion and energy. I felt that this dance was mixed with bullet, paso doble, and flamenco which gives me a strong feeling that a woman burned her every single cell to light her life for herself. Her dance really touched my heart. I wish that the next performance I watch will be as good as this performance “Raw”, which give me a visual feast.
You should response these questions:
1.Was the program based on a narrative/story-line or more abstract?
2.Did you know in advance what you were going to see?
3.If so, how informed were you?
4.Did you arrive early enough to gather information from the program?
5.What was the reaction from other audience members to the program?
6.What was your first impression of the concert (after one or two dances)?
7.Did this change as you watched more of the program?
8.What was your final impression of the program?
9.Would you have recommended this program to others?
10.What physical elements were used (sets/props)?
11.What were the costume /elements? Did they work to enhance or detract from the dances?
12.How effective was the lighting to the mood(s) created in the dance(s)?
13.What style of dance (s) could you identify (i.e. ballet, modern, jazz, ethnic, etc.)?
14.How professional did you feel the event was presented?
15.What could have been done to enhance the performance? (Address as many of the above aspects as you feel appropriate.)
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Dance and culture identity
How is dance currently implemented within the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and through what strategies could this be further developed?


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